Insurance Sales Agent Module Design wins AAA NCNU and Security Risk Advisors GRC team Archer Platinum Innovation award

by | Nov 4, 2015

Security Risk Advisors GRC team wins Archer Platinum Innovation award

On October 21st RSA kicked off their annual Archer User Summit, RSA Charge 2015.  While RSA does a great job of bringing together its Archer professionals through various networking events over the course of the year, the Archer User Summit is the biggest collection of Archer professionals in one location the entire year.  It is an opportunity for Archer professionals from all over the world to come together and share success stories, ideas and creative uses for the Archer tool that meet a wide range of business requirements.  RSA also takes advantage of this large gathering of its community to recognize Archer professionals who are getting the most out of the Archer tool and using it in creative or unusual ways.  This year I was lucky enough to be honored along with the team from AAA NCNU for an Archer solution we built together to improve a non-traditional business process.  We built the Insurance Sales Quality Assurance (ISQA) solution and received the RSA Archer Platinum Innovation Award upon its successful deployment.


The Solution:

While helping AAA NCNU optimize and improve their existing Archer implementation an existing business process was identified that could be improved by moving it into Archer.  The process was the evaluation of Insurance Sales Agent performance at all of their ninety-five (95) branches against Department of Insurance requirements.  A team of four had been emailing Excel files to Branch Managers who would in turn evaluate three or four Agents against five to eight categories across ten transactions. The use of email and Excel files made the process arduous, slow, and potentially inaccurate.


How We Developed It:

Together we built a custom solution to facilitate the review of Sales Agent insurance policies in Archer. By using an on-demand application and leveraging Archer’s in-line editing feature we were able to present a user experience that very closely resembled the Excel format the reviewers were already familiar with. By using cross-references to applications in the Enterprise Management solution we were able to automate Agent scoring and roll those results up to every level of the business.  The use of Archer also allows for real time reporting to the Executive Management team.


End Result:

The solution has now been in place for more than six months and it has allowed the team of four to focus on spotting opportunities for improvement and the ability to launch focused training to their Sales Agents. The improved reporting and availability of current information has allowed Branch Managers and Regional Vice Presidents to better understand how their Agents are performing on the front lines.
You can read more about this solution here.  I’m happy to share more about this solution or other creative Archer implementation experiences.  Feel free to contact Nate Rich.

Nate Rich
Manager, ACP | Archive

Nate specializes in GRC Tools Development, including the implementation of Policy, Compliance, Risk, Vendor and Asset Management solutions.

Nate is an RSA Archer Certified Administrator with over six years of experience working in SRA. Nate has also developed custom solutions using RSA Archer to meet specific client workflow and data gathering requirements.

Nate has worked with clients of all sizes including Fortune 500 investment firms, regional banks, technology, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers, among others.

Nate’s prior experience working in multiple different industries allows him to bring a level head that helps the projects stay focused on the most important action items.