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Purple Team Essentials

Purple Team “Essentials”

This entry-level purple team assessment can help set a foundation for your Purple Team Program and guide your security team through a collaborative testing process. Purple Team “Essentials” generates a prioritized list of quick wins and content development to strengthen your security posture and create quantified success metrics.

Purple Team “Essentials” is ideal if you want to:

  • obtain a low-cost, high-impact assessment of your defensive capabilities,
  • begin a Purple Team Program but aren’t sure how to get started, or
  • obtain a benchmark of your defense success against other organizations in your industry.

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We deliver cutting edge solutions for modern cybersecurity problems.


We present at industry events and develop free tools for the community.


We are not a reseller, so we are neutral to recommend best-fit controls.


We serve global clients across all industries with a focus on Fortune 500 and Global 100.