Published Advisories

The following is a list of all publicly disclosed vulnerabilities discovered by Security Risk Advisors researchers.

All security vulnerabilities that are acquired by Security Risk Advisors are handled according to the SRA Disclosure Policy.

After the vendor has issued a patch or fix publicly and is within the timeframe agreed upon, SRA will release a public advisory disclosing its findings along with a timeframe from disclosure to advisory publish.

Published Advisories

CVE-000-000 Test 2

SRA ID: SRA-00-001 | SRA CAN: SRA-CAN-00001 | AFFECTED VENDORS: LastPass | CVE: CVE-2023-0001 | PUBLISHED: 2023-05-10

CVE – Test Advisory

SRA ID: SRA-00-000 | SRA CAN: SRA-CAN-00000 | AFFECTED VENDORS: Cisco | CVE: CVE-2023-0000 | PUBLISHED: 2023-05-09