Custom employee review process takes advantage of RSA Archer’s In-Line Editing capability

by | Nov 21, 2014

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We recently helped a client with implementing a custom process in Archer for analyzing employee performance across 95 branches which was previously conducted using Microsoft Excel files that were emailed and manually consolidated. The monthly process requires branch managers to review sales employee performance across multiple transactions against requirements of the industry governing body.

The Archer In-Line Editing capability released with version 5.4 service pack 1 allowed us to deliver a solution that resembled the Excel spreadsheet that users were comfortable with.  Previous versions of Archer would have required a lot of clicking; the branch manager would have clicked into each sales record to evaluate the employee on each of the required steps, then save the record, then click into the next record.  As depicted in the screenshot below, with in-line editing the branch manager can complete the analysis for multiple employees across multiple sales records on one screen.



The team that’s responsible for executing the employee review process no longer has to manually distribute, or consolidate and analyze results.  Results are available in Archer in real time as the branch managers complete the process.  Dashboards have been configured to present relevant info to stakeholders depending on their place in the client’s business hierarchy (as defined in Archer Enterprise Management).  For instance, management two levels above the branch managers are provided with a line graph that shows employee performance from all branches month-by-month against a stated objective (a report that would have previously taken multiple days to create).  From here, the client is planning to use time savings to implement training programs that improve performance by addressing areas where branch employees are having difficulty.

Archer’s in-line editing feature is particularly useful for streamlining a process that requires a user to update several records in a single session.  In our example, branch managers were responsible for reviewing multiple employees across 5 – 10 transactions with 5 – 8 categories per transaction.  Other relevant use cases may include: updating Findings application records, working multiple policy exception requests, or selecting a sample of records from control assessments that completed in the past 3 months for additional scrutiny.  In each circumstance, in-line editing has the potential to result in improved workflow and reduced overhead.

We’re happy to share more on our experiences with Archer implementations and use of the in-line editing capability.  Feel free to contact us at

Nate Rich
Manager, ACP | Archive

Nate specializes in GRC Tools Development, including the implementation of Policy, Compliance, Risk, Vendor and Asset Management solutions.

Nate is an RSA Archer Certified Administrator with over six years of experience working in SRA. Nate has also developed custom solutions using RSA Archer to meet specific client workflow and data gathering requirements.

Nate has worked with clients of all sizes including Fortune 500 investment firms, regional banks, technology, pharmaceutical companies, and health care providers, among others.

Nate’s prior experience working in multiple different industries allows him to bring a level head that helps the projects stay focused on the most important action items.