A Better SOC

We see our CyberSOC as a strategic and differentiated capability. We bring attacker perspective to our defensive controls operations by using our world class Red Team to sharpen and test detection rules, and provide training and perspective to our CyberSOC operators. Our approach integrates cutting-edge Purple Teams techniques to improve MITRE ATT&CK alignment and identify visibility gaps.

Our SOC Models


SRA offers two models of CyberSOC – SCALR™ XDR and Enterprise. Both include people-driven 24x7x365 security operations, but depending on your environment, needs, and budget, one choice may be a better fit for your organization.


SRA’s SCALR™ XDR is a turn-key CyberSOC solution which provides integrated SIEM, SOAR and Data Lake and integrates with your EDR of choice. SCALR™ is based on a Microsoft Sentinel architecture which minimizes your log costs, prioritizes and validates MITRE ATT&CK alignment.


SRA’s Enterprise CyberSOC introduces a named team of Defenders who operate within your existing analytics and workflow tools as an extension of your own security team. We help continually improve the environment and scale with your business needs as they evolve.


  • 24x7x365 Monitoring & Response
  • Threat Intel & Hunts
  • Purple Teams w/ VECTR:
  • Content Engineering:
  • Forensics
  • Data Pipeline Optimization
  • SOAR:
  • Data Lake with Storage Cost Optimization:

Our SOC Models


Discover the Total Economic Impact of SCALR XDR

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Security Risk Advisors revealed how SCALR XDR benefited a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.

Learn how SCALR clients have overcome compounding cloud technology costs while protecting their organizations from cyberattacks.


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Reduce log size and intelligently route to your SIEM or Data Lake and save big on cloud consumption costs.


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Prioritize MITRE ATT&CK tactics & techniques and Adversary Simulations for your industry.

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