Cribl Integration Services

Security Risk Advisors is an official partner of Cribl and will guide you through the licensing process, and help you deploy, configure, and test the platform within your existing architecture. SRA has hands-on experience engineering and managing Cribl for our clients, and has expertise with SIEM migrations and alert development, uniquely positioning them to help you maximize your Cribl deployment, improve the logging and monitoring capabilities, and achieve cost savings.

Integrate Cribl Stream into your data ingestion architecture

Cribl Stream enables you to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data directly from log sources to your SIEM and security data lake. When applied to your cloud SIEM architecture, event logs can be cleansed of unnecessary information and intelligently routed to a data lake, reducing your logging and monitoring technology budget by as much as 80%! By implementing Cribl and establishing a modernized security data pipeline, you will not only reduce your tech spend, but also improve the efficiency of your logging and monitoring capabilities by gaining increased visibility and control of your data.


Our expert Consultants will guide you through the licensing process and help you deploy, configure, and test the platform within your existing architecture. SRA will configure data pipelines for five log source types consisting of log source input into Cribl, log parsing, applying transforms for size reduction, and routing for up to two destinations. We will also enable usage of the Cribl platform by providing documentation and knowledge transfer, enabling you to manage the platform yourself.

High-Level Activities


Our expert team efficiently deploys Cribl into your infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration for safeguarding your assets.


We customize the security tools to your needs, defining settings, policies, and access controls, aligning them with your business processes.


Thorough testing examines tool functionality, performance, and interoperability. We conduct assessments and simulated attacks to strengthen your security architecture.


We provide detailed documentation outlining the deployment process, configurations, and testing results, enabling effective maintenance of your security tools.

Why SRA?

  • SRA implemented security data pipelines for dozens of clients
  • We maintain a library of Cribl configurations to accelerate your deployment
  • SRA is SIEM tool agnostic and has subject matter expertise in the leading SIEM platforms
  • As a SOC provider who also supports SIEM engineering and Purple Teams, SRA is uniquely positioned to improve your logging & monitoring capabilities

Integration Project Scope

SRA will assist with the following integration services described below.


Architecture for the deployment and planning for dependencies.


Deploy Cribl Products on customer-provided infrastructure, or for Cribl. Cloud customers, include installation of on-premises or customer cloud worker groups.

1 Leader
2 Worker Groups


Document the currently deployed Cribl deployment. Including the original architecture for the deployment.

1 Architecture Document
1 As Built Document

Data Onboarding

Onboarding data sources that require custom collectors or advanced configurations.

5 data sources


Building pipelines to reduce data volume or event size going to a destination system.

5 sources


Building pipelines for the enrichment of data sources.

3 sources


Delivery of data or a subset of data to two or more destinations.

10 sources

Integrating Cribl is Easy with SRA!

Contact us to talk to our engineers and see how we can make Cribl integration easy and effective.