PRESS RELEASE: SRA Announces Partnership with the International Rescue Committee, Offers SCALR XDR Pro Bono

by Doug Webster | Oct 10, 2022

Philadelphia, PA: Cybersecurity firm, Security Risk Advisors (SRA), has partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to provide 24x7x365 cybersecurity monitoring services through its SCALR™ XDR solution at no cost. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is the global non-profit organization that helps people affected by humanitarian crises.

“The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people affected by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. Today, The IRC works in over 40 crisis-affected countries as well as communities throughout Europe and the Americas. Cross-sector partnerships and commitments are needed to match the global scale of today’s humanitarian crises. SRA and The IRC share a commitment to innovation—and we are grateful for their technology expertise and infrastructure security support,” said JT Jacoby, Chief Information Security Officer of the International Rescue Committee.

“When I first learned about The IRC’s mission, I developed a conviction that SRA must join their work immediately and unconditionally by deploying our world class 24×7 SCALR security services for free. SRA is dedicated and humbled to play our part in protecting The IRC’s infrastructure to support their critical, life-saving humanitarian work around the world,” said Tim Wainwright, CEO of Security Risk Advisors.

SCALR™ XDR is a threat-adapting CyberSOC solution that includes 24x7x365 monitoring by SRA’s skilled defenders with integrated SIEM, security data lake and SOAR automation technologies. SCALR™ detections are continuously improved through benchmarked Purple Teams using the industry-leading VECTR™ platform. SCALR™ uses a proprietary security data pipeline architecture, reducing technology spend and maximizing the value of security data.

SCALR™ XDR architecture was deployed at no cost to The IRC thanks to the contribution of Cribl. The Cribl Stream™ platform is an integral component of the SCALR™ XDR model that enables fast and flexible on-boarding of client data, and improves overall Purple Team outcomes by providing leaner, higher-quality datasets for cyber teams. Cribl is proud to partner with Security Risk Advisors and The International Rescue Committee in this crucial time.

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