SRA is an industry leader in purple team thought leadership and testing, with our contribution embodied by our VECTR™ platform and taught in several SANS classes (by independent instructors, not by SRA team members). We believe Purple Teams is the best way to assess and improve technical cybersecurity defenses.

Professional services now available to support your VECTR use!
Professional services now available to support your VECTR use!

Collaborate. Quantify. Improve.

Purple Teams through VECTR™ generates success defense metrics and helps align Red and Blue Teams towards the same mission: protecting the organization by discovering and plugging detection gaps. If you are scratching your head on how to adopt and align to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, this is for you.

VECTR™ is the only free platform of its kind. It has STIX/TAXII functionality to support content updates and community sharing. VECTR™ is not available for purchase, it is available only as freeware.

VECTR™ Community

VECTR™ is available for free on our GitHub page. If you join the VECTR™ community, you’ll receive notifications of updates and new features. You will not be solicited and your contact information will not be shared.

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VECTR™ Capabilities

  • Document TTPs used in Purple and Red teams so test cases can be repeated until detection rules are made successful
  • Light up a MITRE ATT&CK heatmap to show your teams’ mutual success and needs
  • Show how far you’ve come with historical trending of your metrics
  • Evaluate and report the effectiveness of your tools investments
  • Prioritize tuning and remediation activities
  • Report defensive capability at each phase in the kill chain
  • Import test cases using STIX 2.0 and TAXII


Produce detailed graphical reporting that will allow Analysts and Managers to drill down into successful attack methods, while also highlighting toolset performance and improvement over time at an Executive and Board level.

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Use VECTR™ to track attacks and detection success in your Purple Team Exercises.