Table Top Exercises

Strengthen your response readiness by simulating an incident that tests crisis processes and clarifies roles in a cross-functional team exercise.

IR Program Review and Scenario Selection

We review your current incident response plan and procedures, identify potential gaps in roles, processes, decision trees and communications protocol.

We recommend enhancements based on our experience conducting investigations and leading practices. We design a customized, high-impact cybersecurity scenario to test your IR Plan, or help you select a more general one from our library.

Table Top Exercise

We will facilitate the TTX to simulate the incident and test your processes, roles and assumptions with injects to progress the scenario. At the conclusion, we conduct a debrief with participants to discuss lessons learned, perform post-incident analysis, and collect feedback for improvements needed in the IR plan.


After Action Report and Recommendations

We develop recommendations to improve the maturity of your IR plan, including documentation updates, process improvements, technology procurement and configuration.

Need Help Selecting, Implementing, and Engineering Your Tools?

We are not a reseller of security software, so we are independent and neutral to recommend best-fit controls, based on our experience implementing and operating them.