Purple Team “Essentials”

SRA’s Purple Team “Essentials” service provides a compact Purple Team exercise which helps organizations get started on a Purple Team cadence and results in prioritized “quick wins” recommendations to immediately begin improving your defensive security capabilities.

“Essentials” Overview

This foundation for Purple Teams uses test cases derived from general threat actor techniques. It can help create a baseline for a reoccurring process and obtain cross-industry benchmarks on scores.

Purple Team Essentials is a good choice if you want to:

  • Introduce Purple Teams to the organization with a compact, digestible format
  • Focus on priority initial access Techniques that test EDR, email security and SIEM correlations
  • Understand how your defenses are working when compared broadly with other organizations

Purple Team “Essentials” is smaller in scope than the “Enterprise” model, but is intended to be performed on a regular cadence – we recommend quarterly exercises.

Purple Team Essentials


SRA will provide the following reports after performing the Purple Team “Essentials” exercise:

  • Summary Report with Defense Success Metrics Dashboard and Benchmark
  • “Quick Wins” list of improvements that your team can begin right away to improve your Defensive Success
  • Strategic recommendations to improve your detection capabilities
  • We will install a new instance of the free VECTR™ platform on-prem or in your cloud environment to document, track, share, reproduce, score and improve on adversary simulations. 

Purple Team “Essentials” Summary Dashboard for improvement efforts needed



  • We will guide your installation and configuration of the free VECTR™ tool. We will show you how to use VECTR™ to document, score and report.


  • 4-5 days

Ready to begin?

For more information and to request the Purple Team “Essentials” service from SRA, just complete the contact form below. A representative will reach out to you and answer any questions you might have. We can’t wait to help you get started.