Helped Large Healthcare Organization Identify and Secure Medical Devices Across the Enterprise Network

Client Profile

  • $5 billion healthcare system
  • 8 hospitals, 3375 beds
  • 155 outpatient sites
  • 5000 physicians, 33,000 employees


  • Large Midwest Healthcare Provider had challenges identifying and securing medical devices located across the enterprise network
  • Medical Devices are becoming a target for threat actors and are notoriously difficult and/or expensive to upgrade



  • Implemented Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solution to identify and inventory medical device environment
  • Developed network segmentation strategy to reduce attack surface of medical device environment
  • Developed processes to manage and secure devices over time



  • Built real-time and accurate inventory of medical devices to quickly located devices across hospitals, notifications to perform maintenance, and understand cyber risk landscape
  • Evaluated network traffic of devices to deploy network segmentation, avoiding expensive device upgrades and secure crown jewel assets
  • Allow management to identify crown jewel assets to determine where to prioritize investment of technologies
  • Pushed out upgrade cycle of devices out 2-3 years that are operating effectively and now secured through mitigating controls