Physical Site Assessments

Could an attacker gain physical access to your facility or data center? We use advanced social engineering techniques to put your physical security controls to the test.


  • Assess the risk of an outside threat actor attempting to gain physical access to a facility, building, or data center.
  • Understand current physical security processes and procedures and improve upon any weaknesses identified.


  • Detailed report including observations, impact and recommendations along with the timeline for attempting to gain physical access to the identified locations.
  • Identification of weaknesses in physical security protocols and defenses.

SRA Advantages

  • SRA regularly conducts physical security assessments for Fortune 100 and 500 companies that includes data centers, office, and special purpose buildings
  • We perform basic and advanced bypasses such as badge cloning, biometric bypasses, advanced reconnaissance and drone attack simulations.

High Level Activities


  • Conduct OSINT activities of the target site, employees, facilities, and related entities to determine potential paths to entry
  • Visit site and conduct necessary social engineering ahead of testing day to confirm OSINT and assumptions
  • Create execution gameplan(s)

Physical Testing

  • Confirm “get out of jail” letter and contacts / trusted agents for testing
  • Execute gameplan(s) to gain access to the site and facility
  • Conduct network reconnaissance activities on the internal network


  • Discuss results immediately with designated trusted agents
  • Create report outlining the timeline of our activities, including photo and video evidence, impact and recommendations for improvement