PCI Services

Assess your PCI cardholder data environment (CDE) and improve scope management, strength of controls, and PCI DSS compliance. SRA is a certified QSA organization that specializes in scope reduction, and can perform annual PCI Audits.

PCI Scope Reduction

We help our clients minimize their PCI burden by reducing the storage and handling of payment card data. We are well-versed in scope-reducing technologies and process improvements. We help our clients communicate current state and planned improvements to their banking and processing partners. This approach reduces annual costs and risks over time.​

PCI Readiness Assessment

Our expert Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) guidance helps our clients prepare for a first-time PCI Audit. We help our clients understand what to expect, identify broad gaps that would be flagged by an Audit, coach stakeholders and draft artefacts, as needed.


We perform annual PCI DSS audits and attest to PCI Certification.​ We take this seriously; we never rubber stamp, and we do not guarantee PCI DSS compliance and certification.