OT Security

Weaknesses in security posture and broader IT transformation initiatives have increased the need to protect ICS/OT ecosystems by improving site and system security capabilities. SRA works collectively to create and execute ICS/OT security programs built on our experience with cross-vertical best practices and technical subject matter expertise.

OT Capabilities

Program Development

  • Advisory ICS/OT security program and thought leadership
  • Foundational program management
  • Business and investment strategies and alignment
  • Stakeholder engagement

Framework Adoption

  • Industry best practice and customized framework development based on NIST, ISA/IEC, CISA, CIS and others
  • Creation, socialization and adoption

Site Maturity Assessments

  • Interview-based assessments against a framework or controls
  • Performed per site with optional global reporting

Controls & Remediation

  • Control implementation, deployment and remediation of site security gaps
  • Control standards development
  • Solution health checks, tuning and testing
  • ICS/OT security risk management

Technical Assessments

  • Pen testing and purple teaming with ICS/OT environmental sensitivity

Specialized Skills

We have a tailored ICS/OT skills development program for our team. We have ICS/OT security leadership, strategy, framework, standards, architecture, engineering and operations expertise.

Trust and Credibility

We know that credibility with sites is key to establishing successful working relationships and have a proven record of gaining their support of security programs and projects.

Holistic and Embedded

We embed and operate as part of your team and within your environment. This allows us to execute on behalf of internal stakeholders and strategy more effectively.

ISAGCA Founding Member

Security Risk Advisors is a founding member of the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (www.isa.org/isagca). Made up of more than nearly 50 companies representing 33 different industry segments, the ISAGCA works to expand awareness, adoption, and application of the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards to advance cybersecurity readiness and awareness in manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities and processes

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