Medical Device Program Development

A robust Medical Device Security Program must be driven by a sound governance model and thoughtful strategy. We will help you develop a roadmap to prioritize investments in building your device security program and mature the capabilities of the program over time.

To ensure patient safety, organizations must be able to trust the exchange of information that is facilitated through medical devices. Attackers have become aware that healthcare is a soft target with an urgent need for uptime, making the likelihood of financial gain from a successful attack high. Hospital systems must build resilient processes and networks that can minimize risk, contain problems, and quickly respond to threats.

We define three levels of device maturity security program:

1. Foundations

Including governance and operating structure, using existing processes and manual controls to reduce risk with the most sensitive devices

2. Enhancements

Including upskilling, education, increasing coverage and consistency of processes and evaluating new technologies

3. Continuous Improvement

Including organizational awareness, mature process and reporting and use of modern medical device security platforms

Improve Your Epic Application Security Configurations

Identify vulnerabilities and recieve practical recommendations to remediate weaknesses, including best practice configuration, governance controls, and benchmarking against similar organizations.