IOT Security

We help IOT manufacturers and operators at any stage of the device lifecycle identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, while also helping to build more robust programs and processes to manage their fleets.

Internet of Things Security

Penetration Testing

We understand that penetration testing IOT, medical, and other hardware devices requires a unique and different approach from that of a traditional piece of software.  SRA’s team includes team members with industry experience in hardware engineering, architecture, and firmware design.  We take a hands-on approach from the chipset to your APIs to ensure we have assessed every possible attack vector. We can assist in all phases of the product development life cycle.

Program Management

Many organizations are coming to the realization that they have hundreds or thousands of IOT devices on their network that they have little or no insight into. SRA can help organizations get a handle on this by helping to inventory your IOT devices and design the right type of security program to manage these devices over time.