Industry Threat Index Purple Team

SRA has collaborated with leading companies in the Financial, Healthcare, and Life Sciences industries to identify top security threats in their industries. This Purple Team model tests your defensive performance against known TTPs in your industry and offers you a benchmark score against similar companies.

Threat Index Purple Team Overview

Each Threat index is built on the “top 5” threat actors identified by industry-leading organizations in Finance, Healthcare, and Life Sciences. SRA facilitates working groups with Threat Intel, Red and Blue teams in each Industry vertical to develop and agree to the format and contents of each test case. SRA also facilitates anonymized, voluntary benchmarking scores.

Industry Threat Index Purple Team is a good choice if you want to:

  • Communicate benchmarked defense success and priorities with senior management (and 2nd & 3rd lines where applicable)
  • Show readiness scores for top threat actors and shore up visibility gaps for their known techniques
  • Share in non-competitive artifacts such as test procedures and detection analytics to help the industry level-up


SRA will provide the following reports after performing the Industry Threat Index Purple Team exercise:

  • Summary Report with Defense Success Metrics Dashboard and Industry Benchmark
  • “Quick Wins” list of improvements that your team can begin right away to improve your Defensive Success
  • Strategic recommendations to improve your detection capabilities



  • We will guide your installation and configuration of the free VECTR™ tool. We will show you how to use VECTR™ to document, score and report.


  • 6 days