Enterprise Purple Team

A robust Purple Team exercise emulating threat actor techniques and covering a broad span of MITRE ATT&CK tactics to put your defenses to the test, and most importantly, develop a roadmap for world-class detection.

Enterprise Purple Team Overview

Our most comprehensive model, the Enterprise Purple Team test defenses across a broad sample of the MITRE ATT&CK framework with detailed recommendations for improvement. We will assess:

  • Early indicators of compromise
  • Account abuse
  • Spear phishing technical defenses
  • Malware detection and response
  • Network Isolation, lateral movement, and protected resources breach
  • C2 and data exfiltration
Cloud Security


SRA will provide the following reports after performing the Cloud Purple Team exercise:

  • Summary Report with Defense Success Metrics Dashboard and Industry Benchmark
  • “Quick Wins” list of improvements that your team can begin right away to improve your Defensive Success
  • Strategic recommendations to improve your detection capabilities



  • We will guide your installation and configuration of the free VECTR™ tool. We will show you how to use VECTR™ to document, score and report.


  • 10 days