PRESS RELEASE – Security Risk Advisors creates scholarships for RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp program

by | Oct 27, 2020

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Contact: Amanda Larsen | | (401) 743-6926

Security Risk Advisors creates scholarships for RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp program
$25,000 in scholarships available for underrepresented populations looking to enter cyber workforce

Philadelphia – Philadelphia based cybersecurity consulting firm Security Risk Advisors is offering $25,000 in scholarships for underrepresented professionals looking to enter the cyber workforce through RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp program.

The SRA Next Gen Cybersecurity Scholarships will be granted to select participants of RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp — an immersive 15-week training course that prepares people for critical entry-level roles in the cybersecurity workforce. The program aims to help professionals from all backgrounds and abilities set themselves up to transition into an in-demand career.

Security Risk Advisors (SRA) created the five $5,000 scholarships for people with non-traditional backgrounds who are trying to transition into the cybersecurity workforce. This includes, but is not limited to, women, those from single-parent households, minorities, people with non-technical backgrounds and people with disabilities.

“SRA’s goal of building a more diverse cybersecurity community aligns perfectly with the vision of RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp Program and we are proud to offer the SRA Next Gen Cybersecurity Scholarships to underrepresented professionals,” said Tim Wainwright, CEO of SRA.  “As we train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, we find teammates with nontraditional education backgrounds offer a diverse experience and voice that strengthens our team. We look forward to adding graduates from RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp to team SRA.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more than 21 million Americans have become unemployed. RIT recognized that cybersecurity was one industry still in need of employees across the globe.

“We created this program in order to train these people who need jobs, so they can start a career in a field that is desperately in need of qualified professionals,” said Steve Hoover, executive director of RIT’s Global Cybersecurity Institute (GCI). “We are very thankful to Security Risk Advisors for their support and helping to build a better, more diverse cybersecurity workforce.”

Registration is open for the next cohort of RIT’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp, which starts Nov. 16. Participants must enroll by Nov. 13. Apply now on the Cybersecurity Bootcamp website for more information.

Learners who pass the program’s skills-based assessment will be issued an RIT Global Cybersecurity Institute Cybersecurity Bootcamp Certificate that they can put on their resume. Participants will have access to job search assistance through RIT. Upon completion, they will be prepared to take on entry-level roles as a cyber technician, cyber incident responder, cyber investigator and an IT auditor.

Security Risk Advisors delivers technology security services and provides cybersecurity expertise to Fortune and Global 1,000 companies. SRA is committed to training the next generation of cyber professionals, and that support goes beyond hiring and mentoring teammates. SRA sponsors collegiate cybersecurity clubs at regional and national competitions. As part of its commitment to closing the gap of underrepresented populations in the tech industry, SRA hosts an annual Women’s Networking Night for college women to connect with female leaders in cybersecurity, sponsors women in tech groups, and has a partnership with the Girl Scouts to help scouts earn their cybersecurity badge. The company has offices in Philadelphia, Pa., Rochester N.Y. and Kilkenny, Ireland.

The bootcamp and the Cyber Range are just part of RIT’s Global Cybersecurity Institute, which is expected to fully open in 2021. The new three-story facility will allow RIT to conduct more groundbreaking research, education and professional training and development.


Rochester Institute of Technology is home to leading creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers. Founded in 1829, RIT enrolls 18,600 students in more than 200 career-oriented and professional programs, making it among the largest private universities in the U.S.

The university is internationally recognized and ranked for academic leadership in business, computing, engineering, imaging science, liberal arts, sustainability, and fine and applied arts. RIT also offers unparalleled support services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The cooperative education program is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. Global partnerships include campuses in China, Croatia, Dubai and Kosovo.

Security Risk Advisors (SRA) is a Philadelphia-based boutique cybersecurity consulting firm that emphasizes training and knowledge transfer to our clients, to help them sustain strengthened security management processes. SRA’s consulting services include ethical hacking, purple teaming, risk assessments, compliance, engineering, and managed detection and response. SRA contributes to industry thought leadership by developing free software for the security community. SRA’s work is distinguished by an independent perspective, commitment to educating the next generations of cyber security professionals, thought leadership, and a Fortune 1,000 client base. SRA was founded in 2010 and has grown to more than 175 team members with offices in Philadelphia, Pa., Rochester N.Y. and Kilkenny, Ireland.