PRESS RELEASE – Security Risk Advisors Teammates Chose Non-profits to Receive $120,000 of Donations in 2018

by | Feb 4, 2019

Security Risk Advisors' teammates chose non-profits to recieve donations

Philadelphia —Security Risk Advisors (SRA), a Philadelphia-based cybersecurity consulting firm, is proud to report that our teammates chose the 78 non-profit organizations to receive $120,000 of SRA’s charitable giving in 2018. One of SRA values is ‘It’s Personal’. As a result, SRA allows teammates to direct its charitable giving to organizations they are passionate about. Over the course of the year, SRA gave $1,000 on behalf of each teammate to a charity of their choice and then matched the teammates’ additional giving up to another $1,000.

“At SRA we want to foster a culture of generosity, helping our team members develop what we hope will be life-long habits of giving back to our communities.  We’ve made it easy and engaging by letting them choose where the money goes.,” said founder and Managing Director Tim Wainwright. “We’ve seen excitement from team members already engaged in personal giving that they could now do even more for their causes, and we’ve seen other individuals get to know about great charities from their teammates, and in turn direct more giving there.”

Started in 2010, Security Risk Advisors specializes in providing clients with ethical hacking, cyber defense engineering, compliance, and 24×7 security monitoring and response. The company’s headquarters are at 18th and Market Streets in Center City, and its work is distinguished by an independent perspective, commitment to educating the next generations of cyber security professionals, thought leadership, and a Fortune 500 client base. In eight years, SRA has grown to over 125 employees with an energetic co-op and intern program.